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Test Drive Your Passion

While in high school, test-drive what you think you know about yourself. Take the time to do the following: Research career opportunities and earning potential

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Earning Power is All About Efficiency

One day, I was on my way to the fire station at about 7:30 a.m., and I overheard the clerk complaining about how tired he

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Love What You Do!

Let us get excited about the future by looking ahead, start mapping a plan on the life that we want to live, and earning money

young investors bootcamp

Young Investors Boot Camp

The Young Investors Boot Camp is designed to teach participants how the market works and how to start investing. Participants will learn: What is a

financial literacy bootcamp

Financial Empowerment Boot Camp 

The Financial Empowerment Boot Camp is designed to give students the following tools: How to earn money doing what they love Smart banking A financial success

master goal setting bootcamp

Goal Mastery Boot Camp

The program will give students a blueprint on how to set and accomplish life goals. The program is designed to help students: Use their imagination

Youth Millionaire Mentor Club (schools)

The program offers 12 key lessons that give students the tools needed to do well in school and accomplish their dreams. Attitude Conflict resolution  Goal