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Michael "BootCamp" Thomas

Michael believes that understanding is liberating.

Overcoming challenges and helping others is nothing new to Michael Thomas, owner of Columbia Life & Fitness Boot Camp; it is something he has been doing his entire life. He started motivating and helping friends reach their goals as a child and has followed this path ever since. Michael began his foray into business when he was in the sixth grade and became an entrepreneur for the first time. Since then, he has amassed more than 35 years of business experience and passion for public service.

Growing up in Helena, Arkansas, in the heart of the Delta, life had its challenges. Violence and drugs were a part of the daily struggle at home. Watching his parents struggle and disagree, Michael grew up fast and regularly got into cursing matches and fights. Life was hard!

Michael’s mother was a master at making ends meet. She impressed upon him to pay his bills early so that people would trust him and give him credit. Most importantly, she said, “always have something saved for a rainy day.” His mother taught him perseverance and how to be resourceful and genuinely care for people. Her practical financial advice gave him a solid foundation to live a life free of money worries and empowered him to accomplish his dreams.

At the age 24, Michael became a licensed Series 6 financial advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Since then, he has furthered his education to create a simple blueprint for anyone, regardless of education or income, to live a life of abundance and build generational wealth.


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Michael has continued to grow and learn throughout his career, and he brings this diverse experience and insight to his work at Columbia Life & Fitness Boot Camp. He is a United States Army Veteran, Juvenile Corrections Officer, Recreation Specialist, Youth Sunday School Leader, Battalion Chief at the Columbia Fire Department, and Personal Trainer. He is also a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, speaker, and coach.  Michael expertly combines his professional background with his personal experience in overcoming hardships as he guides others to living their best lives.

Michael believes that tough times and failure are part of the success process and that everyone has an area in life where they could benefit from a coach to provide support, accountability, and motivation to help them achieve their own greatness. He draws from life lessons he has learned from great leaders, his own personal failures and successes, and more than 25 years of experience and training in public service to offer powerful and liberating workshops.

Michael’s goal is to give the financial tools to the next generation to become millionaires, enabling them to give back millions to their communities.

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